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Resume Revamp

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Looking to change career paths or land a new exciting role? Book this service to upscale your resume and market yourself as the ideal candidate for your dream position! 


Service Overview:

-A thorough intake assessment of your background and career interests. Includes an introductory 30 minute phone consultation.

-2 resume revisions - including a phone conversation to review the first drafted resume and request any changes. 

-Find potential career paths & opportunities.


Each resume is crafted to:

-Utilize keyword optimization - to ensure that your resume is selected as a candidate match by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

-Showcase your professional value with action and results driven bullet points.

-Demonstrate leadership and relevant experience in a clean, easy to read format. 

-Highlight your personality and competitive advantage with key metrics and achievements highlighted. 

- 10 business day turn around!