About Us

Black Girl Careers, LLC (BGC) is a company focused on uplifting and empowering women of color to level up in their careers! We sell stationary products, provide resources, and offer services to help women feel confident in their talents and skill-sets. 

Our CEO & Founder, Ashlei Scott, leads recruiting for a global sports apparel brand and she has experience working in other industries such as financial services, consulting and more.

Her love for helping others and specifically helping underrepresented groups succeed, ignited her passion for BGC.

Her experience includes career coaching, resume writing, interview preparation, entry-level recruiting, and more.

BGC is geared towards serving the community - we want all women to feel confident in their talents and abilities, and to find fulfillment in their professional lives. Black women specifically face challenges that are unique to us and BGC acknowledges those obstacles, while providing services to help clients excel and thrive. Work with us to start taking steps toward your dream career and goals!

-BGC Team


"You can't go wrong with taking a step to better your career. We spend so much time at work and BGC is passionate about helping women find fulfillment in their roles, where their skill-sets are maximized and they are reaching their full potential. Book with us to boost your career!"